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Solitaire Classic
puzzle entertainment classic cards solitaire single player Casual boys girls challenge Fun tabletop Solitaire Classic SC
  • Version : 1.3.1
  • Updated : March 12, 2020
  • Size : 30.7MB
  • Developer : Caelum Inc.

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Relax with our free classic solitaire game!

This fun and entertaining game, also known as "Klondike Solitaire" or "Patience Game", is one of the most popular card games in the world!

Play anywhere, anytime, Solitaire: The classic card game will be your ideal pastime and give you a daily brain workout!

Features of our game.

A fun game of patience!

Unlimited games for unlimited play!

A wonderful game for beginners and experts alike!

Winning card draws to make sure you win every time!

Random card draws to train your brain!

Every day there is a new challenge for you to discover!

Classic mode, play as if you were on your computer!

Las Vegas mode to win, fictional of course!

Hint find the card to move!

You can play in right-handed mode or left-handed mode!

Stats to find out how many games you've won, your success percentage, etc...!

Theme to change the look of your game cards!

Customize the background of your Solitaire Klondike game!

Play the game in offline mode without wifi or internet connection!

Play Solitaire: the classic solitaire game, now!

Solitaire: The Classic Solitaire Game stands out from other solitaire games with its many qualities and numerous possible customization features, making it one of the best classic solitaire games out there!

Don't hesitate any longer! Join the millions of players who love this great Klondike solitaire game and enjoy this enjoyable pastime in 2021!

How to play

Open Classic Solitaire and you can use it directly without logging in.

In the main interface of the game, there are four card boxes in the upper left corner, called card stacks; the upper right corner is the dealing area; and the 7 columns of cards in the lower area are the card stacks.

The rules of Classic Solitaire are to use a deck of playing cards without ace or king to form 4 sets of flushes from ace to king. The kings are the largest and the aces are the smallest. Simply put, you need to move all the cards from the bottom pile and the top right dealing area to the top left pile.

The bottom pile of cards can only move the bottom card in each column, and the pressed cards cannot be moved directly; the upper right corner of the dealing area can only move the rightmost card, and the pressed cards cannot be moved directly.

The cards in the dealing area can be solitaire to the bottom pile first, from big to small, such as 5 followed by 4. Follow the rules of alternating red and black solitaire, red cards must be followed by black cards, and black cards must be followed by red cards.

A column of cards in the pile can be received after another column of cards according to the red and black alternating solitaire rules in order to empty the column. When there is an empty column in the pile, you can fill the column with kings. Note that only kings can fill the empty column, but not other cards.

The game ends when the top left corner of the stack completes 4 sets of solitaire flushes from Ace to King. The system will score you according to the number of moves and the time spent on the game, the fewer the moves and the shorter the time spent on the game, the higher the score.

Sometimes it happens that there are no cards to move, i.e. there is a dead game, click "GAME" in the middle of the bottom of the game interface to start a new game.


Try to find the 4 aces first and turn over the cards in the pile first.

Click on "UNDO" to withdraw and not count the number of moves.


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