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Granny: Chapter Two
Adventure horror arcade strategy simulation Casual Android boys girls challenge Role-playing Single-player
  • Version : 1.1.10
  • Updated : Jan 20, 2021
  • Size : 270.7 MB
  • Developer : Dennis Vukanovic

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Jump into the action with Granny: Chapter Two. In this exciting new adventure game, Granny and Grandpa keep you locked in the house. You must survive by creeping over creaky floors and finding an exit. Watch out, though: Granny is listening and when she hears the tiniest sound, she comes running. Grandpa may not hear well, but he sure does hit hard. You have 5 days to escape their clutches.

Game Features:Feel like you're really there with amazing graphics and a chilling soundtrack. Frequent cut scenes draw you even further in. On-screen controls are easy to use for controlling your first-person viewpoint. Most items in the game are interactive and you can use them, pick them up and drop them again. Some items you need for your escape. Others are there just to confuse you or force you to make a bit of noise. The game takes up a relatively small amount of space on your device and has many options to customize to your skill level.

Interface and Gameplay

Move around naturally in a dynamic environment.

Simple controls make playing simple

Joystick on left of screen controls movement

Control camera with screen swipe

Interact with most objects

Solve puzzles in multiple steps to progress

Random item spawn points

High replayability

Several difficulty modes: 

Practice mode has no enemies so you can explore the map and get familiar with controls

Easy mode has slower movement for your captors so you can get away


Hard mode adds extra locks to make escape harder

Extreme mode makes Granny and Grandpa move faster than you

Customize further with nightmare effect turning everything even more creepy, or dark mode making things harder to see

Game Setting:Embrace the horror of being trapped in a dark house and hunted by the terrifying forms of Granny and Grandpa. Their zombie-like faces peek out unexpectedly and can jump out right in front of you at any time if you're not careful. Several other characters lurk in the shadows and are ready to call your captors if you make the wrong move. A creepy baby that crawls like a spider and a kraken-inspired water monster are just some of the spooky friends waiting for you. 

Recommendations:The original Granny game was very highly rated, so if this cast of characters looks familiar, it's no wonder. DVapps AB is an experienced horror game creator, having also created the Slendrina line of games that take place in the same spine-chilling world. Beware — this game is not appropriate for younger players, who may be frightened. Granny: Chapter Two is rated Teen by the Apple App Store and 12+ by the Google Play Store for occasional realistic violence and frequent and intense themes of horror and fear themes. 

Start playing today

If you're a fan of adventure and puzzles, then click the start button today in a scary world full of creepy characters and suspense. Grandma. Chapter 2 is sure to give you an amazing, creepy, every time you play.

How to play

Trapped in this mysterious room, many crisis things must be done, or produce will die here, grandparents are not so good to talk, as long as they are caught will hang and beat, will also lead to all kinds of trouble, many clear instructions to complete, pay more than the price must also go to complete, all the levels of difficulty are carefully designed out, master the timing will be able to quickly complete the pass.


1, the room is full of them, if caught the consequences are unimaginable, at any time will have the risk of life.

2, the control of the face is relatively large, a little movement and sound out will attract attention, move at a very careful pace.

3, the virtual keyboard to control the direction, master certain skills, you can complete the wish in the shortest time;.


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