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Skateboard Party 2
sports single player Simulation Racing Casual iOS Android boys skateboarding offline
  • Version : 1.25.0
  • Updated : Apr 5, 2022
  • Size : 1.5 GB
  • Developer : Maple Media Holdings, LLC

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Cruise your way around the skatepark with your skateboard in hand in Skateboard Party 2

Skateboard Party 2 is a skateboard game where you can test out various tricks to gain points. The park is your oyster — test out as many combinations as you want while looking for hidden items. If you are a skateboarder, Skate Park 2 can help you plan out your moves so you can see them on screen before trying them out in real life.

The music and songs in the game are displayed on the bottom right corner before each skatepark loads. The background music is heavy metal or rock, to help you get into the mood of skateboarding. Each park has its own theme song and props that allow you do get into the groove. 

The Basics

From the starting page, you can try out various settings on the free skate play. Once you like how it plays, you can move to the career play to gain points. Before starting, head to the settings by tapping on the double gar on the top right corner. You can set it to tilt or use the left virtual joystick to move. You can also access the controls and move from the settings.

At the Controls page, the game tells you what each symbol means while you are in the game mode. You have the steering button on the left side, and it works the same for both options. You can either tilt the phone to move left or right, or steer in the direction that you want by pushing the button. To break, you move the joystick down.

You can also decide how you want your truck’s height here. A low truck will be more stable but less able to perform turns. The middle height allows you to turn easily without falling off. The high truck is great for larger wheels and if you are aiming to do ramps and bowls. While it make not seem like there are a lot of changes, the differences in wheel size and truck height can affect how you play in the game. 

The Moves

Before looking at the more advanced moves, the bottom right of the screen gives you 4 options: grab, ollie, grind and kick. The 4 basic options are the basis of all the tricks that give rise to remarkable tricks you can do. On the top of the play screen, your score is on the left side, and the 4 circles are the hidden items available in the career play mode. The timer in the middle shows you the ‌time left for you in the round. You can learn about your trick name and the last stance you did as you skate around the park.

There are 4 types of tricks in the game, each has a specific combination for a trick. For example, when you are in the air, grabbing the board while you move left or right will make you spin around. So, for impressive moves, it is best to try to skate up ramps and bowls so you have more time in the air to do tricks like judo air. 

How to play

Using your steering button on the left, you gain points by performing tricks in the skate park without falling. When you are grinding on the rail, make sure you keep your balance in the middle. Once you go too far to the side, you will fall off. Grinding is one of the easiest tricks to do, but it is also the easiest to fail. 

Your goal in Skateboard Party 2 is to show off your skills by doing tricks on the bowls, ramps or verticals. Practice makes perfect in the game, because you have to time your moves to allow another trick after you land. Every move counts, from the handstand to the mid-air board flip. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try out different combinations while you roam around the park. 

How To Collect EXP 

There is only one way to score in the game: performing successful skateboard tricks. At the start, you have a tutorial on how to do basic tricks like hand flip and eggplants. If you forget, you can access the trick moves in the settings page.

Each trick lands you points if you do not fail, and the more tricks you can continuously perform, the higher the score. The combo bonus comes as a multiplier, and every trick counts. So, instead of skating towards another pipe or ramp, simple tricks like ollie or grind to keep your multiplier bonus going.

You can purchase upgrades with the EXP points you collect in the game. The points are also the currency for Skateboard Party 2. You can exchange them for clothes, skateboard parts like trucks, boards and wheels. 


In Skateboard Party 2, there are green circles floating around the park. Usually somewhere high and tricky to get to. The hidden items are usually skateboard parts like wheels, trucks or the board. It may take several tries before you can reach the hidden items, but it is worth the grind. You can use the items after you finish the round by going to the skate shop to customize your skateboard. 

You can unlock items and EXP point bundles in the Skate Shop using EXP points. Special items like double and quad EXP generators require real money, but you can slowly unlock locations and boards by playing the game. You can upgrade your skater’s clothing and skateboards so you can perform better tricks. Once you collect enough points, you can unlock a new skate park. Some locations also unlock once you reach a certain achievement. 

There is a leaderboard and a multiplayer option if you want to compare your skills with other players in the park. Watch and learn how other people perform cool tricks and so you can create your own routine. If you have a cool trick, comment below so more people can like the game. 


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