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Toca Hair Salon 4

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Everything you need to know about Toca Hair Salon 4: is it worth playing?

You'll appreciate running Toca Hair Salon 4 if you've ever wished to offer somebody a vibrant pink mullet or even a colorful afro. An enjoyable hair salon simulation that enables you to change the appearance of various clients

In the free-play hairstyling game Toca Hair Salon 4, players have many creative and adventurous hair solutions.

Greetings from Toca Hair Salon. I welcome you to experience the fun inside the hair salon and style every customer's hair anything you want! I assure you that this will be an experience even if you pick a character and then create anything with them or become spontaneous and let the tools lead you. Use your imagination while using tools for your hair, beards, cosmetics, and so much more!

At Toca Hair Salon 4, select a person to place on the beauty seat and go straight ahead to your business. To bathe, trim, groom, dress, and much more, click on a styling tool icon, and then press and drag about the subject's appearance and hairstyle. You can also use the regrow option when you think you trimmed the hair too much. Choose between toolkits (cleaning, trimming, clothes, or picture studio), swiping left or right. Afterward, swipe up to explore the choices inside that collection. As they perform, your customers will reply using sounds or facial gestures. Once you're finished styling them, just pick the background and photograph your creation.

Toca Hair Salon 4 is downloadable for free and includes all hairstyling, beard trimming, a picture booth, and even shampooing departments. The beauty area and several resource packs, including clothing, jewelry, plus decorations, are purchasable inside the app store.

What's New?

This upgraded Toca Hair Salon 4 application offers the chance to buy several other things, like packages or individual cosmetics, sweets, clothing, and other products. (you may find further details under in-app purchasing.) The user may pick among 12 new characters to manage their hair in this role-playing game based inside a beauty salon. For trimming and styling the hair, you may use shears, scissors, trimmers, brushes, and even combs. Their hair may then be colored using a variety of different dyes. The other technique is to style their hair through tools like curling irons, hair straighteners, and crimper tools.

This game promotes originality and flair and is simple to manage and enjoy.

How to play

You will first see a picture gallery featuring various characters inside it. When you've decided whose clientele to manage, you may begin by taking off any hair pieces that will obstruct your work. Then you may continue to trim and cut, and you can dye their hair if you think there is a different color that suits their look. Afterward, you may rinse, condition, and style their hair in any way you choose. It's now time for them to pick their perfect attire.

Toca Hair Salon 4's stunning aesthetics are one of its primary selling factors. You can get a clue since the characters' faces shift when you touch them, signaling whether they like the outcomes or not. Also, you will surely enjoy the game's visual effects and environment design.

The game showcases its enjoyable yet insightful gameplay, Toca Hair Salon 4. Using outstanding visuals and controls makes it simple for children to recreate their preferred looks.

● Hairstyling and beard trimming station.You can clip, cut, razor, and perhaps even regenerate their hair on any area of their head. This section has a hair dryer, curler, straighten and add texture to their hair. Also, it has a wide selection of colorful vials if you prefer to colorize their hair. Just make sure that they will not be disappointed with your choices.

● Beauty Station.Extend your hair salon's services by acquiring a beauty booth! There are several types of cosmetics across every hue. Choose a product to apply lipstick, eyeliners, or blush, as well as make beautiful eyelashes using mascara! Utilize the face paints and sketch vividly on your customer's face. Express your creativity and skills inside this booth.

● Fashion station.Experiment with a huge variety of styles to get that fabulous makeover! Switch up their attire, choose some tattoos or stamps, and give your customer some more flair by adding hats and sunglasses.

● Photo Studio.Pick a backdrop, wait for your client to make a stance, then take a photo! Even better, you could save a snapshot of your client in a photo gallery and go back to styling them later on

● Bath station.Offer your customer a hair treatment, then condition and style their hair. Observe their facial paint and cosmetics dripping down

Toca Hair Salon 4's visuals are vivid and vibrant. The overall layout of the beauty salon workstations is accurate, and so are the equipment and materials. The incorporation of the fresh color range, haircuts, and decorations enhances the aesthetic attractiveness of Toca Hair Salon 4.

There is a cooperative option in Toca Hair Salon 4. Participants in this version may battle against one another to determine who can fashion their customer's hair the prettiest. Participants may get scores through managing hair in multiplayer, and there is a scoreboard inside this game mode.

There are roughly a few products for you to buy, varying from themed packages (starting from $5.97 and above) to packages consisting of fabulous clothes, stamps, cute accessories, and backdrops (pricing from $0.99 and higher). Additionally, a "Toca Headlines" section advertises the newest Toca applications. A verification process is necessary for "know more," which leads to their application store.

Your kids and family may have fun playing Toca Hair Salon 4. At this moment, players will amuse themselves by picking out various cute characters and providing them with the finest looks.

Toca Hair Salon 4 inspires everyone to let their creativity run wild, and their ideas soar. We are in command of a beauty salon inside this adventure. This implies that you are in charge of performing facials, shaping hair and stubble, or even picking out the most fantastic attire for your clients. Every appearance is attainable, so unleash your creativity to its fullest.

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