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Toca Pet Doctor
Children education Casual boys girls Fun animals single imagination pets help creativity care Toca Pet Doctor
  • Version : 1.0.6-amazon
  • Updated : September 19, 2017
  • Size : 108MB
  • Developer : Toca Boca

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Care for Cute Animals with Toca Pet Doctor

The neighborhood pets need your help! Heal and care for adorable animals with Toca Pet Doctor.

From the creators of Toca Life World and Toca Kitchen 2 comes a brand new simulation puzzle game, where you'll be tasked with caring for pets who are either hurt or simply feeling a little under the weather. Through innovative and educational play, figure out how to patch up the rabbit, clean up the dog, untie the worm, and more! 

Once the animals are all feeling better, keep them comfortable by feeding them, petting them, and playing with them. At the end of the day, your happy pets will all fall asleep for a good night's rest, until it's time to play again tomorrow.

With charming artwork and engaging puzzles, Toca Pet Doctor empowers you to diagnose and care for each animal in a fun and unique way. Designed specifically for children between the ages of two and six, your kids will immerse themselves in solving each educational puzzle. Plus, assuming the role of a veterinarian teaches them the power of empathy and identifying with the feelings of others.

Plenty of Features for Endless Fun

Toca Pet Doctor features a cast of fifteen adorable, lively animals—each of whom needs your help in their own special way. You'll first figure out how to cure each of your pets, whether it's by bandaging a wound or applying ice to a bump on the head. Once the animals are feeling better, make sure they're nourished by feeding them flies, seeds, and vegetables. 

With their bodies and hearts free from all ailments, your animals will settle down for a good night's rest. Wake them up whenever you're ready to play again!

Charming Artwork and Lovable Characters

Animated in classic cartoon style, Toca Pet Doctor is as pleasing to look at as it is to play. Simple line art and vibrant colors make for an absorbing, eye-catching world that your children will love to immerse themselves in. 

The artful simplicity of the game's design makes it easy for children to intuit the solution to each educational puzzle. Plus, minimalistic background designs promote focus while contributing to the beauty and personality of the in-game world. 

The cute cartoon animal characters bring their own level of charm to the game. Your children are sure to fall in love with the distinct personality of each virtual pet—from Rascal, the mischievous cat to Tofu, the vegetarian rabbit. The individuality of each animal encourages children to explore their feelings and cultivate a unique personality of their own. 

The Perfect App for Child-Friendly Fun

There are no rules to how your child must play Toca Pet Doctor, making it the perfect stress-free, creativity-cultivating game. And with no third-party advertising or in-app purchases, you can rest easy knowing your child is enjoying safe, age-appropriate fun.

Unleash your inner veterinarian and figure out how to best care for the animals in your neighborhood by downloading Toca Pet Doctor today.

How to play

Let's meet the pets

- Entertaining the cute puppies

- Feeding bread to our friendly neighbourhood budgies

- Help the turtle to roll over and stand up

- Help the moody earthworm to get moving

- Smear a slimy snail

- Scaring the spiny iguana

- Carefully feed the lively guinea pig

- Care for the yellow canary

- Playing with the mischievous kittens

- Watching the lively pigeon making a mess

- Learning to make snake noises (sibilant sounds)

- Painting spots on a golden-backed toad

- Tying the legs of a 'beautiful-eyed' spider

- Feeding the beautiful mouse cheese

- Feeding a vegetarian rabbit tofu


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