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Toca Kitchen 2
Android Food iOS Simulation Casual boys Girls free diy fun single fashion Toca kids cooking recipe creative imagination custom
  • Version : 1.2.3-amazon
  • Updated : April 20, 2017
  • Size : 109.6MB
  • Developer : Toca Boca

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The Toca Kitchen is back and busier than ever in the new Toca Kitchen 2!

With new guests to cook for, more tools, and new food combinations to discover, Toca Kitchen 2 is packed with all the fun of its predecessor and more.

Express your creativity and get messy in the kitchen with Toca Kitchen 2!

Get Creative

Fulfill your wildest cooking dreams with Toca Kitchen 2! Mix and match ingredients to discover every one of the game's unique recipes.

Make your favorite dish or let your imagination soar by creating never-before-seen ingredient combinations. Whether you've got a craving for a hamburger, freshly squeezed onion juice, or boiled salad, the Toca Kitchen is a world of endless possibilities.

Create new recipes and try them out on your favorite guests to find out which ones earn a five-star review or a hilarious look of disgust.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Messy

With six separate kitchen tools to use, the Toca Kitchen is the perfect place to test out new, innovative recipes. Gather your ingredients and chop, mix, juice, and blend to create the concoction of your dreams. 

Unlike real-life kitchens, messes are welcome in the Toca Kitchen! Scraps and spills are all part of the cooking process in this game, so feel free to be a little sloppy in the name of creativity.

Hilarious Guest Reactions

What's the point of cooking if you can't share your creation with someone special? In the Toca Kitchen, there is no shortage of guests lining up to get a taste of your newest recipe.

Along with your favorite guests from the original Toca Kitchen, this installment features brand new friends to cook for—plus, each one has all-new ways to emote!

Watch as your guests are burned by spicy hot sauce, pucker up at sour lemons, and belch after stuffing their faces.

Serve each guest a new dish each time they visit and learn what they like to eat best. Did your oven-baked fishhead sandwich garner an "ew" face from your guest? Try adding some salt next time, and maybe they'll love it!

Brand New Ingredients

In addition to the long list of ingredients from the original Toca Kitchen, this installment features plenty of new things to get creative with, including:Chicken,Pineapple,Prawns,Strawberries,Watermelon,Peaches,Corn,Octopus,Onions,Rice,Spaghetti.Plus, enjoy topping your meals with brand new condiments like ketchup, salad dressing, and soy sauce.


To enhance the gameplay of Toca Kitchen 2, there are plenty of new features to enjoy as you cook, including:

Brand new ingredients

New guests to cook for 

More guest reactions




Relaxing Gameplay

Perfect for young aspiring chefs, Toca Kitchen 2 is a relaxing place to express your creativity. 

No rules or time limits means no stress, so kids can direct their own fun. And no third-party advertising or in-app purchases means parents can relax knowing the gameplay is safe.

With no right or wrong way to play, kids can let themselves explore the tools and ingredients in the kitchen, and cook up something wacky for their guests.

Live out your foodie dreams at last with Toca Kitchen 2!

How to play

In this game, you have to cook for your friends and you can cook any cuisine you imagine for them. Players need to use an abundance of ingredients to create delicious dishes, all of which can be put into a frying pan or chopped on a counter, or handled in other ways. You can mix a variety of ingredients to cook together, where you need to fully satisfy the customers and then enjoy a wonderful culinary journey.

 If you swipe to the right of the screen, you will be able to see your pantry. If you swipe to the left, you will be able to see your kitchen. All seasoning options are located at the bottom right of the screen.

Become a real artist in the kitchen here, make your own unique dishes and show off the chef of your dreams!


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    i love this game so much
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    i love it
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    i like it too !
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