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Ode To Heroes
Adventure entertainment RPG Multiplayer Online single player Casual iOS Android challenge Role-playing hero restoration history friends
  • Version : 1.22
  • Updated : Jul 27, 2021
  • Size : 878.9 MB
  • Developer : DHGames Limited

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Find the truth and awaken potential heroes in the world of Ode to a Hero!

Lead your heroes through history and fix the chaotic timeline!

Easy and casual gameplay

This is a time-saving mobile game!

You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

Even in offline mode you can earn great rewards!

Experience an epic and legendary adventure

Search for potential heroes in a chaotic timeline!

Hundreds of legendary characters with distinctive characteristics and experiences. Earn their loyalty to fight for you!

Ancient equipment, legendary artifacts, and all kinds of surprises for you to explore!

Endless Joy of Strategy

Over 200 heroes of different factions with hundreds of unique skills at your disposal!

Set flexible formations and strategies with your high-damage, healing and control heroes!

Collect and forge artifacts, jades and equipment, and strategically match them!

Rich game content

Idle strategy auto-battles, battles, dungeons, hero quests, collecting, training!

Arenas, guilds, treasure hunts, friends, governments!

Endless excitement waiting for you to explore!

Exciting game featuring social networking

Create the most powerful and legendary guild with other players!

Challenge powerful guild bosses!

Team up with like-minded friends and challenge players worldwide on the leaderboards for top honors and awe-inspiring trophies!

Compete for rankings and top glory and win mighty trophies!

How to play


The conquest gameplay of Qianqiuquai is the core embodiment of the placement game

Reincarnation Trials

The Reincarnation Trials consist of 6 camps: water, earth, fire, wind, yin and yang, and can only be challenged with heroes from the corresponding camps.

Water Moon Secret Realm

In the shape of the moon, you can enter to challenge the secret guards, the gentle water and the vast stars are reflected.

Heaven's Gate Pass

The terrain is dangerous and rocky, the way to become king for single heroes.

Seeking Heaven Tower

The strongest person in Qianqiu continent can get the vision of being compared with God and proud of the group after breaking through the layers of high tower with their own strength.

Zun King Martial Meeting

Contains three characteristic pvp modes, namely, the Eight Wastelands Martial Arts Association, the Brave Three Armies and the Deer Herd.


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